We asked forerunners in Finnish steel business what digitalisation means to them

“Digitalisation brings positive efficiency into play. We create and share more and more information to our customers alongside our product and material supply. With the help of digital services, our employees can better reach, connect and serve our customers.”

Jukka Kurvinen, Director, Regional Sales, Onninen Oy

“There is a growing demand of product information, quality requirements and building regulations. We combine several detailed calculations, drawings, CE certificates and certifications with customer deliveries. Easy access, handling and management of information is an important part of today’s customer work.”

Taisto Lehto, Design and Work Management, Purchasing, Metallityö Välimäki Oy

“The practical benefit of digitalisation is that we are able to monitor our suppliers’ stock situation. This is especially important when there are exceptionally large queries from our customers. Digitalisation speeds up our response time in answering these queries and reduces the risk of promising inaccurate delivery times.”

Juha Sointula, Strategic Buyer, Sandvik Group

“Customer portals, ordering and delivery systems integrated with production control, as well as B2B online stores continue to grow in popularity. Buyers want to use them for increased flexibility and speed. Customer portals do not bind purchasing into office hours and information exchange works better than via email. For example, automatic pooling of material certificates and material collection would be beneficial.”

Riku Räisänen, Project Sales, Marketing and Digital Development, OC-System Oy

“The overall aim of digitalisation is to release and better target human resources by reducing routines and increasing automation. We expect savings and efficiency at all levels, including suppliers. We can optimise resources and plan our own work better.”

Jarkko Wahlroos, Global Sourcing Category Manager, Moventas Gears Oy

Feon – an innovative, flexible steel service company

We here at Feon are actively involved in developing Finnish industry and sector practices. We provide innovative tools and services designed for the future.

Through transparent co-operation and our first-rate partner network, we can guarantee the on-time delivery of high-quality materials, a wide range of pretreatment services to suit your specific needs and efficient logistics and warehousing. We provide a custom-tailored, flexible and expert service in person or online – from professional to professional.

Feon – the choice of professionals

We provide our customers with comprehensive service in machine and equipment manufacturing as well as in all phases of metal and steel construction. We understand the changing business culture and we are constantly developing practices together with our customers. This is why we are the first choice of professionals for material and service solutions.

We supply our customers with products from only the top manufacturers, offering a range of pretreatment alternatives. We offer a central supply of special steel grades, structural steel grades and innovative construction systems – all delivered on time.

Check our product range in more detail in our webshop or contact us for more information.


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